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Iranian, British archaeologists search for remains of Gorgan Wall

Tehran, Nov 26, IRNA - The connection of defensive structures of North Khorasan with the defensive wall of Gorgan has caused the Iranian and British archeologists to search for the defensive structures of North Khorasan, Research Institute of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) reported


According to the Public Relations Office of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, head of the archaeological team Meysam Labaf Khaniki said to this end a group of Iranian and British archeologists examined strategic points of the North Khorasan wall and made speculations in Arg-e Foroud Kalat and in one of the towers of the defensive wall of Kalat.

The Public Relations Office of RICHT quoted Khaniki as saying that exploration in a small-scale speculation in the interior of one of the Kalat’s towers resulted in the discovery of three types of coal, which provided a proper opportunity for dating the absolute time of the operation of the wall and towers attaching to it.

The archaeologist noted that survey and identification of a consistent complex of the walls, towers and defensive castles in this region is indicative of its strategic importance and also taking advantage of defensive structures in the completion of the natural wall of Hezar Masjed (Thousand Mosques)