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Breathtaking scenery of Vafs village

Located in Esfandan Rural District, Vafs is a village that is known as Masuleh of Markazi province due to its very pleasant climate, orchards, agricultural lands and pristine landscapes and stepped ho

TDE /Vafs Village in Komijan, Markazi province, is a tourist attraction in Iran. 

Inhabited during the Medean rule, the village has preserved the Tati dialect, which is one of the oldest Iranian dialects dating back to 3,000 years, IRNA wrote. 
Currently, Tati dialect is spoken only in the provinces of Markazi, Hamedan and Qazvin. 
Tati dialect is widely used in the villages of Vafs, Chehregan and Farak. 
Studies on dialects such as those spoken in Vafs Village are of high importance in terms of anthropology and linguistics.